During our first band photo shoot with our photographer John Shields, we came across this graffiti dog on the pilings of a railroad bridge.  John thought it was cool, and had us pose near it.  We love the shot so much that we used it on the back of our first CD.  We have adopted graffiti dog as our mascot, and have named him Mo Anam, which is Gaelic for "my soul".

Mo has become the face of our new  endeavor,  "Graffiti Dog Music", to promote Indie Artists and the music they create!  We love music, and being an Indie recording artist, we understand that it can be challenging to find community support.  That is why we started our House Concert Series, which will now be called "Graffiti Dog Concert Series", and we will continue to promote Indie Bands/Artists by giving them an opportunity to play to an audience that may not get a chance to experience their music in other settings.

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Graffiti Dog Music

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