​June 3rd, 2017:  War Twins

look them up!  http://wartwins.com

​July 23rd, 2017:  Pan Gravy  

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April 29th, 2018:  Deuteronomy


June 22nd, 2018:  War Twins


August 25th, 2018:

The Voodoo Love Children

​August 13th, 2017:  Bosom Band   www.bosomband.com 

Graffiti Dog Concert Series on 

The Cill Dara Stage @Lick My Soul Headquarters

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September 17, 2017:  Nytrous

July 15th, 2018:  Hotsy Totsy


House Concerts have become a valuable tool for Independent Artists nationwide.  It is a way for these unsigned artists to go on tour to promote their music in an intimate setting, and this is how it works:  Through word of mouth, or the internet, etc, an artist finds a host, or vise versa, and books a show.  The host will invite friends and family to attend.  The artist sells their merchandise and accepts donations/tips, and that is how they recoup the costs for touring.  The host does this for the love of music and the sole purpose of supporting up and coming bands/artists, with ALL proceeds going to the act.  We here at Graffiti Dog Music/Lick My Soul are huge music fans, and not just of our own music!  We created an outdoor venue at Lick My Soul Headquarters to host and promote our fellow musicians as a way to give back.  We have named our stage Cill Dara, (pronounced Kill Dara), which is Gaelic for "Church of the Oak", because behind the stage is a thicket of Red and White Oak Trees, and this creates a beautiful backdrop of green, that only enhances the  house concert experience.

September 16th, 2018:  

Quasimodo's Bride