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Iggy Feldmen

Iggy began his life in music at age seven playing trombone.  He began piano lessons at age ten, and started in school band in the 4th grade, and played in concert and jazz band.  In addition, when he started high school, he also joined marching band.  Iggy decided to start playing bass after seeing Boston in concert when he was sixteen.  When he graduated high school, he moved to Philadelphia and was exposed to glam rock and punk.  A few years later, he moved back to the Atlantic City area and played in several original and cover bands while raising his two daughters.

Iggy's Gear:

1982 Ibanez Musician Bass

​Ibanez GIO 5 string bass

Ibanez Acoustic Bass

Schecter Tempest Series guitar

900 Watt SWR Mo' Bass Amp w/SWR Cabinet

Yamaha MX49 Keyboard

Behringer KX1200 Keyboard Amp