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​​​​Lick My Soul fell into place quite naturally.  Kelly and Iggy met, and began dating, because of their shared love of music.  They were toying with the idea of putting together an acoustic act.  In the meantime, Kelly brought her son, Shane, over to Iggy's place to jam with them.  After a couple nights of playing covers, Iggy suggested they try one of his original songs.  Within minutes, Kelly and Shane added their touches to the song, and "Assassin" was born!  Each song after that was just as effortless as the first, and it became clear that they were on to something.  Just over a month later, Lick My Soul made their debut in Atlantic City, NJ, and two and half months after that, they went into the studio to record an EP containing the six original songs they started with, but, have since decided to go back into the studio and make the EP a full length LP.  Although they spent the Summer of 2016 playing Atlantic City, they set a goal to play Philadelphia and New York City!  They have played Philly, and now are looking to NYC! Stay tuned!  Lick it!  

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